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Martian Hamster
Milli's Dream Quest
Girl Monster
Home Soon
Yellow Fishie
Plain Spirit
Elephant Island
Nap Guardian
Snorkel Pig
The Oracle
First Sight
Crane and Block
Teapot II

This martian hamster is brave enough to explore the universe, but not without his blanket.

Milli crosses moss-covered ground by moonlight.

Girl monster poses with her space hamster dolly.

Rabbit's Domain

Late Night Reading

I'll Be Home Soon


The spirit of the plains takes the form of a wild horse.

...and there he lived in a driftwood cave in a place known as Elephant Island.

Nap guardian carries out his duties while young pup sleeps.

Snorkel pig likes to take a mellow walk along the bottom of the sea.

A sea spirit sits atop an ancient carved monolith and cradles the oracle.

Lightkeeper has the light wherever he goes.

Love at first sight.