Meehoo’s Dream

meehootiktikMeehoo liked to dream. He was very good at it. At night, he dreamed all sorts of dreams, and in the morning he remembered them all.

There was one peculiar dream that Meehoo had over and over. He couldn’t ever decide if it was a good dream or a bad one. In it, he wandered from a dark, empty space into a room.

The room had interesting things in it. There were books on a high shelf with strange writing on the covers. There was a comfortable chair in the corner, surrounded by piles of books with the same strange writings on them. Sometimes Meehoo would curl up in the chair with the soft blanket that was always draped over the arm. He would look through the strange books until he got sleepy. Sometimes he fell asleep in the dream and had dreams inside that dream.

The room also had a musical instrument resting against the wall. Each time Meehoo had the dream, it was a different instrument. Sometimes it was an exotic stringed instrument, sometimes a flute, horn, drum, or xylophone. Meehoo often spent hours learning to play the instruments.

There was a table in one of the corners of the room. It had charts and maps and papers all written in the same strange writing as the books. They too were different each time he had the dream.

rabbitstatueThere were two beings that lived in the room. Meehoo saw them so many times that he thought of them as dear friends. One was a rabbit statue. Rabbit Statue wiggled his ears whenever Meehoo came to visit. He liked to follow Meehoo around the room and dance with him.

The other being was a small catlike animal that ran circles around Meehoo and sat in his lap when he curled up in the comfortable chair. Meehoo named him Tiktik.

All of this sounds very nice, and it was. But that was not the part of the dream that confused Meehoo about whether or not the dream was good or bad. The part that was in question was The Door. There was a door between the musical instrument and the comfortable chair. It was always closed. There was a bright light that shone through the cracks from the other side. When Meehoo looked at The Door, a cold chill ran down his spine. When he looked away, he instantly forgot that The Door was even there.

Meehoo sometimes spent long hours in the room without ever thinking of The Door. Sometimes, it was all he could think about, and he felt so afraid. When that happened, not even Rabbit Statue or Tiktik could cheer him up or distract him.

On one particular night before going to sleep, Meehoo sat in his bed and thought about his day. It had been a good one and he was feeling content. He looked up at the full moon shining through his window as his thoughts turned to sleep and dreaming.

“Moon,” said Meehoo out loud, “What’s behind The Door?”

Meehoo sat in silence waiting for the moon to respond. As he waited, the sound of the crickets lulled him to sleep.

Meehoo awoke inside the dream again. He walked from the dark emptiness into the room. Rabbit Statue and Tiktik greeted him with excitement. He danced around with them, but then caught sight of The Door. He stopped and looked at his friends. They knew what he was thinking. He gave Rabbit Statue a hug and cuddled Tiktik, then turned to face The Door. It opened slowly, as if it knew that Meehoo was ready to cross to the other side.

The light that came from beyond the door was as bright as the dark emptiness was black. Meehoo stepped slowly towards it, stopping just at the threshold. He turned to look back at his friends. Rabbit Statue wiggled his ears to cheer Meehoo on. Tiktik ran around in circles a few times out of nervousness.

Meehoo turned back to The Door, took a deep breath, and stepped through.

Meehoo awoke the next morning. It was a clear, sunny day. He stretched as he recalled the dream. He remembered the room and everything that happened up to the point where he walked through The Door. Try as he might, he could not remember even a little about what had happened. He used a trick that sometimes helped him remember hard-to-remember dreams. He checked to see how he felt.

He closed his eyes and imagined himself standing at the threshold of The Door. He held the image in his mind. Then he felt something. An exhilarating feeling, like he was flying with the wind under his arms. It wasn’t quite flying; more like floating.  He still couldn’t see or remember anything but at least he had a memory of the feeling.

Meehoo opened his eyes again. This had been a Big Dream. He hadn’t realized that some part of himself had been working on going through The Door for such a long time. Now that he had made it through, he was sure he could do it again. Meehoo felt that if he kept going back through it, he would eventually be able to remember, not just feel what happens on the other side.

Part of him had always been afraid that if he went through the door he would never see his friends again. He now felt this was not so, although he was sure now that he had been through The Door, the room would look different to him, and that his friends would look different as well.

Meehoo smiled and got out of bed to have a day in the sunshine. He would return refreshed and tired tonight and be ready to start a new kind of adventure.

The End.


Here is a stop motion animation of “Meehoo’s Dream.” I created it for a contest called “Mystery Build.” The contest requires that the contestants create a work of art using only the materials provided in the kit. This is the piece I created, then wrote the story based on the animation.  Special thanks to Andrew Sherbrooke for the soundtrack.

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