Rabbit and Arca Go Camping


It was late in the fall and the frost had started creeping into the mornings. Rabbit was looking forward to winter, but wanted to say a proper goodbye to fall.

“Maybe a camping trip would be the perfect thing,” Rabbit said to himself.

Rabbit rushed to his friend Arca’s home. Arca was busy tidying her bower and storing nuts and dried berries for the winter.

“Arca, Arca! Let’s go camping,” said Rabbit. “We’ll bring a tent and have a campfire and roast marshmallows!”

“Yes! What a fun idea. I will pack and meet you at your hut in an hour,” said Arca.

The two of them met up and wandered into the woods looking for a good spot to set up camp. They chatted and sang songs together as they walked.

When Rabbit and Arca entered a field full of yellow grass, they agreed that it was the perfect place to make camp. They set up their tent, then looked for stones to make the fire pit. Next, Rabbit gathered sticks for firewood while Arca harvested some of the yellow grass and placed it into the tent for their beds.

The sun was starting to set. Arca started a campfire and the two of them enjoyed a meal of cove berries, orange roots, and a fresh loaf of bread that Rabbit had baked early that morning.

“What shall we do now?” asked Rabbit after they finished their meal.

“Let’s tell each other stories,” suggested Arca.

“What fun,” said Rabbit.

Arca went first. She told Rabbit about the time she had found a giant egg in a field, and what happened afterwards. Rabbit had heard the story before. It was his favorite, and he loved when Arca told it.

When it was Rabbit’s turn to tell a story, he told about how he used to be afraid of leaving his woods and going out into the open fields, and how his friend Flote had helped him.

When they were finished telling their stories, Arca suggested they toast marshmallows. The fire had died down by this time and the coals were just right. They sat in silence while they toasted and ate their marshmallows. The full moon was rising just over the field, and the frogs and crickets were singing.

Rabbit yawned. Arca yawned too.

“Shall we go to bed, Arca?” said Rabbit.

“Yes, let’s,” said Arca.

They put out the campfire and crawled into the tent. It was cosy and smelled sweet from the yellow grass that Arca had collected.

Rabbit and Arca nestled into the bed of grass until they were comfortable.

“Rabbit, this was a great idea. Thank you for inviting me. I had such a good time camping with you,” said Arca.

“Thank you, Arca. I am so glad you came with me,” said Rabbit.

They both went to sleep and had wonderful dreams.

The End.

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