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55 Sketches

All Ages

Written and illustrated by Alexis St. John

This book contains some of the sketches and doodles that I created over the years and kept in a scrapbook. Most entries were impromptu scribbles on little bits of paper that were within reach when I would get a sudden desire to draw. I initially saved them as possible ideas for artwork to be developed later. Some I did turn into paintings, but the scrapbook doodles had a more intimate connection to the original experience. I’ve grown to love the quickly drawn figures just the way they are. Through the years, they’ve provided comfort, guidance, and tangible reminders of my experiences. I decided to honor the gratitude I have for the scrapbook by creating a book to share with others.

Finn Finds a Friend

Ages 4 - 8

Written by Jenna Grodzicki, Illustrated by Alexis St. John

Finn is not your typical lemon shark. He likes to frolic and have fun in the water. But his brothers’ and sisters’ idea of fun is lying completely still on the ocean floor - BORING! While out searching for new friends, Finn encounters a sea turtle who hides in a rock cave. Clearly, he must want to play hide and seek. Then he comes across some humans who scream, “SHARK!!!” when he approaches. Obviously, they must be excited to see him. Will Finn ever find a friend who can see beyond his sharky appearance?

Nik and Toc

Ages 0 - 4

Written and Illustrated by Alexis St. John

Nik and Toc are the best of friends. They will delight babies and toddlers with their sweetness, and soothe them to sleep.

Arca Finds an Egg

Ages 4 - 8

Written and Illustrated by Alexis St. John

Arca is a peaceful being who lives in a field of wildflowers. During her morning walk, she finds an abandoned egg among the wildflowers. Follow her on her quiet adventure.

Meehoo Goes to Mars

Ages 0 - 4

Written and Illustrated by Alexis St. John

Meehoo is a little boy with big dreams. Follow him on his adventure to outer space.

Yukon's Halloween Party

Ages 4 - 8

Written and Illustrated by Alexis St. John

It's Halloween and Yukon Guelph decides to throw a party, but his plans don't go as smoothly as he had hoped.

A Self-Help Manual For Bears:

How to live a happy life

Ages 8 - Adult

Written by Philip Friberg, Illustrated by Alexis St. John

A light-hearted look at the meaning of life through the eyes of a bear.

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