The Bumbledog and the Field of Daisies


Once there was a bumbledog named Shastina who lived in an old hickory tree deep in the forest. From the outside, her home looked like a small hole in the side of the tree. On the inside it was spacious and comfortable and very tidy. Shastina loved her home very much.

The life of a bumble dog is very easy. As long as they have a home, there’s not much work to do except for some occasional house cleaning. That leaves lots of time for what bumble dogs like best, which is flying. Their second favorite thing to do is eat. Bumble dogs eat pollen and nectar and occasionally juice from ripe fruit. Shastina’s favorite food was daisy pollen. She loved daisies. Everything about them made her happy. She even dreamed of daisies.

Shastina spent most of her days flying through fields looking for the flowers with the most delicious pollen. When she was thirsty she buzzed down to streams to drink cool sparkling waters. There were always lovely fields filled with wild flowers for her to eat.


Every night though, she would dream of a magical field of daisies. In her dream, she flew through a rich dark forest of scented cedar trees to reach the magical field. The white petals of the daisies shone so brightly it was hard for Shastina to look at them, and the rich golden yellow centers shone like a thousand suns.

Every morning Shastina awoke from the dream and set out to look for the field. She had many wonderful adventures but she never found the field of her dreams.

As she settled into her bed one night after another fruitless search, Shastina heaved a heavy sigh of sadness. She knew she would have the dream again, and then spend another day searching for the magical field of daisies. Maybe she needed to do something different if she was to find the field.

“Tomorrow I will start early and not return home until I have found the field.”

Shastina awoke early. She thought back on her short night’s sleep. She had not had the dream! She had dreamed a different dream. It was of a blue icy mountain with a cold foggy top. It was beautiful. In the dream she flew higher and higher above the mountain until she saw the field of daisies. From that vantage, she also saw her home forest in the distance. If the dream was correct, Shastina now knew where to find the magical field of daisies! She set out on her adventure immediately and flew towards the Blue Ice Mountain.



It was not long before Shastina had flown past all of the fields that were familiar to her. On she flew towards the mountain in her dreams. In the early evening she saw a hint of blue on the horizon. Was that Blue Ice Mountain? She flew on into the twilight until she could see no more.

Flying in the dark was something Shastina had little experience with. She decided to find herself a place to camp for the night. She had ended up in a vast field of mixed grasses and wild flowers. She buzzed around for a little while, and found herself a clump of dry grass. Shastina burrowed into the base of the grass and wriggled around until there was enough room to lay down. She was very cozy. She did not have much time to enjoy her camping experience. She had never flown so far in her life and was so tired, she fell asleep almost immediately.

In the morning, Shastina awoke. She was a little confused. She thought she was in her bed at home and didn’t know how so much grass had gotten into her bed. When she was fully awake and had gotten her bearings sorted, she stepped out of the grass clump. Wow! Incredible! A giant blue mountain loomed on the horizon. She shook the last few pieces of grass off her wings and flew towards the mountain. She was so excited at the idea of finding the daisies, she didn’t even stop to have breakfast, and Shastina had never missed a breakfast before.

On and on she flew towards Blue Ice Mountain. The closer she got, the higher she flew until she arrived at the same point in the sky as in her dreams. “Where was that field?” she thought to herself. She scanned the ground far below. A shimmer of light caught her eye. Yes, that was the location. She flew down to the shimmer as fast as her wings could fly.

The closer she came, the brighter the shine. When she reached the field, she was almost blinded by the brightness of the pure white petals, and the rich golden centers really did shine like a thousand suns.

She dove into the first daisy. Golden powdery delicious goodness! Shastina ate and ate until she couldn’t eat another piece of pollen.

Now she was thirsty. Where to go? There had not been a stream in her dreams. She flew to the edge of the field. They were surrounded by cedar, just like in the dream! Just a little into the woods and she heard a babbling stream. She dove in. So cool and refreshing.

Back to the field she flew for a nap on the biggest, brightest Daisy in the field. Shastina fell asleep curled up in the golden sun center. She didn’t know how long she had been sleeping when she awoke from the sound of a buzzing just above her head. Shastina opened her eyes. It was another bumbledog! He was so handsome and fluffy and he had a sweet expression on his face.

Shastina stood up on the Daisy center and the other bumbledog landed beside her. They touched noses.

“I am Beebau,” said the bumbledog.

“My name is Shastina,” said Shastina. “Do you live here?”

“Yes,” said Beebau. “My home is on the other side of the field in one of the cedar trees.”

“Have you always lived here?” asked Shastina.

“No,” answered Beebau. “About three years ago, I started having a dream about a magical field of daisies. It took me a while, but I finally found it and have lived here ever since.”

“I had a dream about this place too”, said Shastina, and she told Beebau her story.

Beebau invited Shastina to visit his home in the cedar tree. Shastina thought his home was lovely, and looked a lot like the home she had left behind. She felt sad when she told him about her home, because now that she was thinking about it, she missed it.

“I can help you build a new home in a nearby cedar tree,” said Beebau. “We can visit with each other and go out flying together every day and eat daisy pollen and swim in the stream and sit on the golden daisy centers at night and watch the stars. It will be a beautiful life.”

“Oh yes, please!” said Shastina. “I would like that so very much.”

So that is what they did. Beebau helped Shastina build a new home. They visited each other and lived a wonderful life together in the magical field of daisies near the Blue Ice Mountains of their dreams.

The End.


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