The Fallen Starbird

imageA cloud of starbirds flew over Jinné as he paddled the coracle toward the open water. They were so thick, he could barely see the sun. One split off; plummeted toward the water. Jinné paddled to where she had fallen. He found her struggling on the surface; flapping her wings. He leaned over the edge and scooped her out with his hands and gently enfolded her in his handkerchief. With the bird tucked in his breast pocket, he headed for shore and took her home. He fed her and kept her warm while she healed from her fall.

From the time they met, they were inseparable. The starbird, which he named Phalynn, spent her days riding on his shoulder and singing in his ear. The entire summer passed like a dream. In the Fall, Jinnė was paddling his boat out into the open sea once again, when he came upon a mass of starbirds. Phalynn whispered a short sweet goodbye song in his ear, then flew up to join the others of her kind.

Jinnė was overcome with grief at the loss of his special friend. He looked up at the cloud that blocked the stars. “Which one is my beloved Phalynn?” He thought back to the time he had first seen her and rescued her. “It could have been any one of them that fell. I would have done the same. I would have spent time with them and gotten to love them as a special, separate Being.”

Then Jinné’s heart opened wide. He had loved his one starbird so deeply and knew he was capable of loving every one of them just as much as Phalynn. Jinné felt his love was as infinite as the starbirds, and that he was that Love.

The End


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