June 2019

Years ago, I had my first gallery show in Portland, Oregon. I exhibited a series of abstracts suffused with mystical figures and symbols. I worked in this style until I moved to the Caribbean several years later. The cultural environment influenced me, and I transitioned to painting more whimsical work.

I recently went to Arizona for a month-long retreat. I brought a journal to record my experience. Sometimes words failed to capture the states I was experiencing. I started inventing symbols to supplement the words. Since returning home, I am interested in developing a symbolic language that I can use as a tool to help me understand Reality.

In this gallery, I will post the new paintings as I finish them. For now, I will list the digital images that I will use as a springboard for the physical works.

I’m dedicating my alexisstjohn instagram account solely for this abstract work. My whimsical art and children’s books will be moved to my thetaripple instagram account.


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