Years ago, I had my first gallery show in Portland, Oregon. I chose a shamanic healer as the motif for the series, and embellished the backgrounds of the paintings with symbols and spirits to reveal the hidden world of the shaman. I worked in this style until I moved to the Caribbean several years later. In th new environment, I shifted away from this very personal style and subject matter.

In May of 2019, I went to Arizona for a month-long solo retreat. I brought a journal to record my experience. Sometimes words failed to capture the states I was experiencing. I started inventing symbols to supplement the words. Since returning home, I have been developing a symbolic language that I can use as a tool to help me understand Reality.

I will post the new paintings in this gallery when I’ve gotten the style to the point where I’m ready to share. In the meantime, the images here are some preliminary digital sketches I worked up to start the process.

I’m dedicating my alexisstjohn instagram account solely for this new work. My whimsical art and children’s books will be moved to my thetaripple instagram account.


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