Current Project: MFA Degree

I’m  currently attending Claremont Graduate University for an MFA in studio art. The program balances coursework in contemporary art with hands-on studio work. I received a Lincoln Ceramic Fellowship which involves working at the Scripps College ceramic building where I help make clay and glazes, run the kilns, and assist students with their projects.

In this first year of the program, I am taking a deep dive into understanding mediums and materials. I am making my own paint (oils, watercolors, and gouaches), brushes, ceramic glazes and handmade paper. Here is a sampling of some of the work I’ve created during my first two semesters.


Solamina, the home world of the Ponder people encompasses dense forests, sand deserts, tropical islands, and vast seas. With the discovery of the Salafina Chest, we are able to get a glimpse of this world through the art,  artifacts, and writings found within it.

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Children’s Books

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